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Published 10/29/2015 11:01:48 PM  |  Last update 3/13/2019 03:39:27 AM
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Making home PC as web server is interesting because you can do your online business at minimum cost by taking advantages of your home computing infrastructure and internet service. However, it is still burdensome as you need to keep track on the internet IP address of your home PC, particularly when it is a dynamic IP address which is changed over periods of time.

The easiest way for remembering an IP address is to map it to a domain name using DNS service. However, most DNS services require static IP address for domain name. To use their service, you need to ask your internet service provider for a static IP address of your home network. This requires some more bucks but is not always possible because static IP addresses are usually reserved for business internet service plans. Tinyray makes that possible by providing a fast and ease of use dynamic DNS service, free of charge at one domain name per customer. This service is available at http://www.tinyray.com/dns. Once logged in using your Facebook account, you will be redirected to a web form where the following information needs to be provided.

  • IP address- This is the internet IP address of your choice for your home PC. It is set to the internet IP address of your home network automatically or manually by selecting the “Update” command.
  • Domain name- This is the domain name of your choice, based on dns.tinyray.com sub-domain name.
  • Access key- This is the private key of your domain name. It will be used for domain name information access.

After having every item on this form set accordingly, please select "Save" to have your domain name information immediately updated to the world-wide Domain Name System (DNS) by Tinyray DNS servers. Please select "Logout" once done. You can login back to this web form whenever you need to make update or change to your domain name using the website URL provided above. A website hosted on my home PC can be found at http://home.dns.tinyray.com. The website's content is shown whenever I turn my PC on, otherwise a domain-parking page generated by Tinyray is shown instead. Please download the Tinyray dynamic DNS updater software and run it on your PC, source code available on request. This software does not require any installation; just put it somewhere that is not easy to for anyone to delete it unintentionally. You just need to run it once, then right click on its icon shown in the system tray and provide the following information:

  • Domain name- Your full domain name, including dns.tinyray.com
  • Access key- The secret access key you entered in the web form above

Tinyray dynamic DNS updater will keep your internet IP address updated with the DNS. It is particularly needed when you have dynamic internet IP address with your home internet service. It also works with Tinyray servers to notice your website visitors whenever you shutdown your PC, making your visitors informed at all time. If you have a domain name of your own and want to use it with your PC, please come to your domain name provider’s control panel, set the DNS servers to


then submit a request. We will process shortly. Thank you for reading this article,

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