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  • lntTblView table add-on

    2/19/2021 11:07:20 PM
    Introduction • Data table plays an important part in most websites, particularly the websites that are for data analysis and information retrieval. A data table add-on is a web application component that allows to render data on web page in table layout, supporting either sorting, filtering, paging or rearranging the data. A number of such plugins have been developed more…

  • Web model using MySql+PHP+Ajax

    2/8/2021 11:27:11 AM
    Due to the requirements of a number of website projects, I developed tnlmpweb, a web application model for websites using PHP and MySql, and running on Linux servers. Numerous web development issues have been taken into account in the model. The following issues are of last but not least of those I am mainly working more…

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