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Published 9/2/2016 08:24:50 PM  |  Last update 2/8/2021 11:27:11 AM
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Due to the requirements of a number of website projects, I developed tnlmpweb, a web application model for websites using PHP and MySql, and running on Linux servers. Numerous web development issues have been taken into account in the model. The following issues are of last but not least of those I am mainly working on,

  • Ease of maintenance, development and customization
  • Ajax supported
  • Plugin supported, e.g. development and social network plugins
  • Stand-alone computing backend support
  • Time-consuming processes possibility

The current version of tnlmpweb model is 2.0.7; Followings are the model update and upgrading history.

1.0 One-page website using phpBB themes
1.1 Top-tabbed website using phpBB styles
1.2 Vertially-tabbed website using phpBB styles
1.3 Ajax-supported
1.4 Page plug-in based model
1.5 Plugged-in page driven event
1.6 Simple data table addon
1.7 SEO supported
1.7.2 JQuery integrated
1.7.3 Input box watermask with form submission
1.8 Advanced data table addon, lntTblViewer model, is fully supported in tnlmpweb.
1.8.1 Post-back message schemes improved
1.8.2 Computational back-end plug-in
1.8.3 Web UI and Comput. back-end protocol improvement
1.8.5 Password-protected webpage plugin, an lntLMPweb model benefit
1.8.6 Auto-tabbed interface
1.8.7 Social login integrated
2.0.1 Remote computing back-ends
2.0.5 Hybrid-authentication model for both onsite-registered and social network users
2.0.7 Scripting & data encrypt technology, BM in data representation, is made possible.
2.0.xxx for days to come will be soon available...

Thank you for reading this article about lntlmpweb model and have a great time!
Thanh Le

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